Account Deletion Policy

How do I delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go! In order to delete your Mallkie account, please email and request account deletion.  

What happens when an account is deleted?

Upon request, accounts will be deleted immediately from the our system, along with all of the created content, uploads, profile image, etc. associated with the account. Deleted accounts do not appear in searches on Mallkie, and the URL of deleted accounts no longer work. 

Few things will remain once an account is deleted:

  •  Comments and Reflections made on others' posts

Reflections on others' posts will remain, but the deleted users' name and image, will all be removed. So, it appears like an anonymous comment.  

Do deleted users still receive email notifications or emails?

Mallkie schedules or queues emails when there are a large number of emails waiting to be sent out. Emails scheduled prior to an account deletion will still be sent to the deleted user. Afterward, no other Mallkie emails or notifications will be sent to the deleted user.