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Large Ceramic Serving Bowls


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About this item

  • 【One bowl, endless possibilities.】When you're on the hunt for the perfect bowl, look no further. It's not just a bowl! This large serving bowl aren't just a kitchen upgrade, it's a lifestyle flex!
  • 【Fit for all your food】This bowls set, breaking traditions, is just the right size for you. It eagerly holds all the flavors we crave: fresh salads, crunchy grains, warm soups in the soup bowl, hearty pasta, and crispy popcorn in the large serving bowl. Each bowl, with its ample size, accommodates a variety of cuisines, making this set the ideal vessel for culinary delights.
  • 【Easy mixing, no overflow】These Ceramic bowls are no ordinary; they're roomy enough to handle a whole bag of greens without spillage during mixing. Their well-guarded walls provide ample space for your salad, making kitchen decorations for countertops both stylish and practical. Eating salad has never been so carefree!
  • 【Worry-Free Cleanup】These bowls, with a jade-smooth glaze, ensure a gleaming finish through dishwasher safety and effortless handwashing. What's more, these microwave-safe bowls invite worry-free use in the microwave, oven, and fridge.
  • Please note that the price is for single one of the bowl
big wide white bowls

Multifaceted Details

Multifaceted Details

Space-Saving Bowls

Space-Saving Bowls: Size Matters

Opting for larger bowls can maximize space efficiency, and stacking them offers a convenient space-saving solution.

Smooth Glazed Bowls

Daily Trio: Smooth Glazed Bowls

Introducing a set of three bowls for everyday use. Their smooth glaze ensures effortless use and cleaning.

Versatile Bowls

Versatile Bowls: Perfect for Daily & Parties

Our bowls are versatile, serving as perfect fruit bowls for personal daily use or for entertaining large parties.

Ample and Deep Bowls

Ample and Deep Bowls

Not only can you whip up a salad effortlessly, but you also don't have to worry about spills, leaving your tabletop tidy!

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