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  • (3-Way Multi-Function Stand Included) This handy fan combines three functions in one unit that can be handheld, tabletop and smartphone stand. Attach the included pedestal and use it as a stand fan. Great for a variety of occasions, both indoor and outdoor use. An indispensable item to keep you cool in the hot summer. Small and lightweight for easy storage
  • (3-stage air flow adjustment, heatstroke prevention, USB rechargeable) Equipped with 3 levels of air flow adjustment function that switches between weak and medium, and strong. You can easily adjust the strength of the wind according to the environment of use, such as "strong" in the hot sun, "medium" or "weak" in a cool room with air conditioning. A convenient item for heat stroke prevention
  • 5-Blade Large Air Flow Design: Equipped with a high-speed motor that provides up to 5,000 rpm, and a hydrodynamic fan design. 5 blades provide a stable and focused high airflow Enjoy a cool and powerful breeze
  • (Large Capacity Battery, Long Time Operation) USB rechargeable, so you can use the included USB cable to charge it via a USB port such as a smartphone charger, power bank or computer. Built-in 1,200 mAh lithium ion battery, can be used for up to 6 hours in weak wind after a single charge
  • Occasions: Office, travel, rest, study, school, work, work, sports, drinking, shopping, outdoor activities, camping, festivals, fireworks festivals, sporting events, concerts, walking, mountain climbing, excursions, and the ocean


1.Don't put fingers into the usb fan;
2.The lithium battery is without memory function.Charge whenever you want.Maintain power is beneficial for extending battery life;
3.If the mini handheld fan is not used for long time, please fully charge the battery and remove it from the fan, store in cool
and dry place;
4.Fan blades will be at high-speed rotation while working.Don't put anything into the fan,otherwise,it may be serious damaged;
5.Don't use battery when the surrounding temperature is over 60 degrees centigrade.Don't pinch or disassemble the
battery.Otherwise,it will lead to environmental pollution or explosion;
6.To ensure the performance and service life of the product, please use our company specified accessories.
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