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  • 7 Sides Nail Buffer Blocks for Natural Nails: Our nail buffer features 7 surfaces in 7 different colors, each showcasing a specific step for filing and shining nails. Every surface offers a unique level of smoothness/grit, making it easy to achieve naturally smooth and shiny nails in just seven simple steps. Each side is conveniently numbered to guide you in the proper order of use and clearly indicates the function of each surface.
  • All-in-One Nail Shine Buffer with 7 Different Grits: Our versatile nail buffer incorporates 7 different grits to cater to all your nail care needs. Step 1 & 2 utilize coarse and medium grits to shape nail, Step 3 smooth the edges, Step 4 conditions the nail, Step 5 smooth surface, Step 6 buffs the nail, and Step 7 delivers a polished and shining finish. Achieve salon-quality results with ease, whether you have natural or artificial nails, and customize the process based on your specific needs.
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